Custom Fused Mosaic Mirrors

Making fused art glass “mosaic” mirrors is one of my favorite things to do, and it certainly shows in my work. Every mirror has over 10 hours of just crafting time put into it, plus design brainstorming! And they all start with a seed of an idea, either a color request and/or a theme idea. All mirror frames are about 4″ wide all around, except the Extra Large one is 5″ wide on the top and bottom.

Here’s some examples of what I’ve made and sizes:

This was a theme-based idea – planets:
Large example – 17″x19″ frame, with 9″x11″ mirror opening. Titled: “Pluto was Framed”

And this one came from a color request – medium to dark greens & browns, with a little gold thrown in:
Extra Large example – 17″x23″ frame, with 9″x13″ opening. Titled: “In the Woods”

I also have one other size available (no sample pictures yet) – size Medium, 17″x17″ frame, with 9″x9″ mirror opening.

I would love to make any of these three sizes for you! Once you sign up below, we’ll start the creation process together.

– First you’ll receive a short questionnaire to help figure out what exactly you’d like your custom mirror to be inspired by (color(s) and/or theme).
– Next, I’ll provide you a rough sketch layout of what I’m planning on doing, for your approval.*
– Once approved, I’ll begin creation of the piece, providing status updates along the way.
– Once completed I’ll send you photo(s) of the final work for final approval, prior to shipping.
– Last, you’ll receive your lovingly hand-crafted, carefully packaged mirror, ready to hang on your wall and enjoy for many years to come!

Interested in having me make you a custom mirror? Sign up here:

Custom Medium Mirror – Domestic Shipping – $595

Custom Medium Mirror – International Shipping – $595

Custom Large Mirror – Domestic Shipping – $745

Custom Large Mirror – International Shipping – $745

Custom X-Large Mirror – Domestic Shipping – $975

Custom X-Large Mirror – International Shipping – $975

* Some important notes:
– After you approve the sketch, I will be unable to refund 30% of the purchase price (my bare-minimum materials expenses) should you decide prior to shipping, upon review of the photos of the finished piece, that you (tfu tfu) don’t want the mirror after all. (In which case I try and find some other loving home for the mirror).
– After shipping, as with all my custom works, the item is non-returnable, non-refundable. I will however work with you as best I can to make things right, should something be horribly wrong.
– If you want much (more than a tiny accent) to be pink and/or purples in color, the frame cost will go up to handle the much more expensive materials cost, which will be billed at the time of art review (those shades of glass are made with gold metal, in order to get that color chemistry)