A smile in the life of a biker chick (me!)

I love being a biker chick.

Example: Last night as I was at the grocery store picking up a few things for dinner I was in the process of leaving the store and a little girl, roughly 7 I’d say, pipes up in her adorable little 7-year-old-girl voice:

“Look Mommy, she rides a motorcycle!!”

That made my evening (well, that and having a fun game of tabletop BloodBowl that I won, but that’s besides the point).  Part of what was so great was what she said and the way she said it (admiration, awesomeness, with a dash of “That’s what I want to do when I grow up” thrown in for good measure). But also what was great was the fact that I wasn’t anywhere near my motorcycle. I was just in my jacket, pants and boots, and I was carrying my reflective tape decorated helmet. It was the helmet that she pointed to when she said the comment.

What hit me later was the fact that yes, this little girl recognized what I was carrying and what that meant (and that this was a cool thing!). Not a bicycle helmet, not a skateboard helmet, but a motorcycle helmet. I think that says wonders about how being a biker chick is getting  more and more accepted, and even looked up to. This, is a good thing.

Here’s an indicator that little girls no longer have to have pink-drenched hobbies to look forward to, instead they have the option if they wish to pursue previously “boy” activities. When I was growing up 20ish years ago I had a hard time even playing with my neighbor’s computer or video games with him, let alone even think about the possibility that I could (and would want to) ride a motorcycle one day. It didn’t even exist in my paradigm.

And I love helping introduce the idea to ladies, especially the younger generation, that yes – they can ride a motorcycle if they want to. Just because it’s fun!

Another example: On my way to work in the morning (if the timing works right), I ride by a series of bus stops just as the little grade-school kids are waiting to be picked up. One morning early in the school year I rode by a father and his two daughters – and the younger one waved at me. I waved back of course, and she just beamed!

So now every morning that I happen to be by when they’re out, we wave at each other (the other sister is now waving as well, though the younger is still more enthusiastic about it). I have no idea if they know I’m female or not (likely not – I’m pretty androgynous when in full gear + helmet) but it’s still very cool. I like to think that I’m doing my part to corrupt encourage the two kids to perhaps take a class and learn how to ride themselves one day. Maybe I’ll be teaching it. 🙂



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