Art: Planet Series

So here’s some planetary-themed items I was inspired to make recently, and I wanted to share them with you!

This framed mirror is called “Pluto Was Framed”, in honor of the demoting of Pluto from full planet status, to only a celestial body. This of course messes up every childhood mnemonic phrase ever learned in school, which sucks (“My very Earth may jump straight up near Pluto.” was the one I learned. What about you?) Poor Pluto!

This frame is rather large, the size of the mirror is approximately 9″x11″, and the outside of the frame is approximately 17″x19″. The piece comes ready to hang. Starting at the bottom, and going upwards it’s: the Sun, Mercury & Venus on the left side, Earth & Mars on the right side, the astroid belt (both sides), Jupiter on the left, Saturn on the far right, then next to Saturn is Uranus, and then Neptune in the top left corner.

I also did four planet 8″x8″ plates. They are (in order), Earth w/ Moon, Mars, Saturn (sold, thanks Kathy!), and Uranus.

All of these items are currently available for sale at Astoria Hemp works in Astoria, Oregon. Run by the wonderful Michael & Judy Pierce, they’ve got some great things in their shop if you’re ever out that way. Or give them a call and they’d be happy to ship to you. All their info is over on the left bar of the page.

Let me know what you think!

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