So, who am I? Well (and this will likely keep changing as I refine this site and also as I myself change, as people tend to do), currently I’m a creative artist who primarily works with (hot) glass media (so fusing & torchwork) that also dabbles a little with drawing & painting. I’m also a motorcycle instructor, where when I wear that hat, I teach up to 12 students at a time how to (safely and successfully!) ride a motorcycle, often when they haven’t had any experience at all how to do so!

This site is intended to be a combination of things: reflections on my artistic methods and thoughts (a behind-the-scenes sort of look, so to speak), a showcase and show-and-tell of my works (both in progress and completed), and a peak into my mind – my philosophies on life and views & dreams for myself and others. I intend it to be a bright, colorful and hopefully inspirational place where people can learn a bunch about me & my art, and hopefully a little about themselves as well. So you’ll probably see a lot about my glass (and other) art, possibly a little about the more esoteric parts of motorcycling, and hopefully all of this will make your day a little brighter.

And…..I’ve probably written waaaaay too much here, but then again as you’ll probably find out, I have a hard time being brief (for better or worse). *hugs!*

If you want to hang out at all I’m @valkinman on Twitter. Say Hi!